7th Tradition

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Dale R.
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7th Tradition

Postby Dale R. » Sat Aug 12, 2006 3:53 pm

My area holds an annual AA picnic, complete with donated food, and a speaker meeting. The only real expense we have is renting a picnic grove for the afternoon. For years, several of the area groups have donated 7th tradition money to help continue the picnic. Last evening, we were told it was against the 7th tradition to do that. My question is this, Why do we send the intergroup money for them to do the same thing, and actually make a profit on it?

Any replies or clarifications are appreciated.

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Postby Dallas » Sat Aug 12, 2006 8:21 pm

Hello Dale,

Welcome to Step12.com, and thanks for the great question!

Did anyone ask the person who said that it was against the 7th Tradition, why they thought that it was against the 7th Tradition?

First, I’m not sure if what you mean by “areaâ€

Dale R.
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Postby Dale R. » Sat Aug 12, 2006 11:31 pm

Thanks for the reply. The term "area", means the locale. The Area of AA has nothing to do with this. The District really has nothing to do with this either. The groups actually donate money to keep it going. Groups are using 7th tradition money, and not a separate collection. A basket is passed to pay for the grove the following year. The group money is applied to help pay for sweet corn, hot dogs ect. Nobody is paid for anything. The picnic does feature a speaker, and a formal meeting.

This person who said this ran a dance, which she charged money for, and said it was really the same thing, and 7th tradition money could not be used for it. Two of us, who questioned her, also stated that, tradition 4 says we can do it as long as we don't hurt anybody else. All groups donating also had group conscience meetings before doing so. I think we are well within the traditions on this one. I happen to be the district secretary, and the other guy is ADCM. The woman who questioned it is actually the DCM. I by no means want to go back to the district meeting, and blow my horn, so to speak, but just want piece of mind that we are doing the "right" thing!

The dance, I understand, because you are charging admission, and you can not make a profit in AA. Only intergroups do that, but we were instructed to make a special fund, excluding district/group monies to run the dance. It was a covered dish affair, speaker meeting, but the hall and DJ were not free.

And thanks for the welcome. I've been looking for a forum like this. Hopefully I can add some experience, strength, and hope!

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Postby Buck V » Sun Aug 13, 2006 2:04 am

Welcome Dale. Great topic and good reply Dallas. We have a Traditions meeting every month. This month was on the seventh tradition, and this exact subject came up. Our "local" area includes 3 AA groups (actually 2 1/2, but that's another story), and we share the same "clubhouse" The clubhouse is also home for an NA group, an Al-Anon group and an Alateen group. The groups, either individually, but sometimes together often have picnics, Sunday brunches, once a month birthday parties and the like. By individual and collective group consciousness, no group EVER uses its 7th tradition monies to pay for or supplement these events. They are ALWAYS produced by a seperate collection or individual effort. As one old-timer inelegantly put it "I put a buck in the (7th tradition) basket to keep a roof over our heads, coffee in the pot, and to help AA to carry the message, not to allow you to stuff food in your pie-hole." But as you, Dale, and Dallas said, so long as the groups are in harmony, what the hey. Personally, I like the way we handle it here. We keep the "business" side of our groups...staying sober and clean and sane...seperate from the "social" part of our groups.


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