How is your Relationship?

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How is your Relationship?

Postby garden variety » Wed Sep 12, 2007 4:24 pm

I was thinking of a way to put this.

I was reading a couple posts here and there and everywhere on the board, and I wanted to see how some in here are thinking about their relationship.

I'm not talking about a relationship with a member of an opposite sex or same sex. I'm not talking about a realtionship with a son or daughter or relative. Yet in a way I am talking about all of those relationships and more.

If anyone here has worked through the first 11 steps, the book says something profound happens. Sometimes it's a drastic and sudden pyschological displacement, other times it is a gradual educational experience. When that happens at the beginning of step 12, whether I know it or not, a relationship has begun..

Maybe I need to ask this again: How is your Relationship?

If an alcoholic is on their knees in the morning saying "please" and on their knees at night saying "thank you", they are involved in an intimate relationship. That's because those three little words, "Please" and "Thank you" might well be exactly what your mother told you. For me, they are the "magic words". Does anyone remember mom asking "What's the magic word" when we wanted our way?

For me, those little "magic words" opened a door to a Power without limitations. A Power so great that I sometimes can only gasp and cry in their Presence. What causes my emotions to churn so deep that I cry? It's my Relationship.

Don't think I'm kidding, or that I'm "pitching" a different angle. When you close your eyes in the comfort and security of the most private place in your home, your bedroom - and you call out the name, in the dark, of someone you love, and you know they love you - well if you don't think of that as a realtionship, what do you call it? If you are exposing the most vulnerable part of yourself each day and night to your "lover", and talking maybe only just their name, and thinking maybe the deepest thoughts you ever had about them - well you might be involved in a pretty intimate Encounter, might you not?

I share the deepest thoughts that I don't tell anyone else with my Lover. I ask my Lover how I can please the most. I ask my Lover to show me, to use my arms and legs, to do with me anything they choose that will bring pleasure. I trust my Lover - I know my Lover will never leave me, abandon me, or forsake me for another. There is no other Lover in my world that I trust more - there never has been.

I get Loyalty from my Lover. We touch each other in ways that words can't describe - and in places that only my Lover and me know with each other. My Lover showers me with gifts like no one ever has before - and the supply of those gifts is never-ending, it seems.

I have the deepest and most intimate relationship that I've ever had with my Lover today, and each day. Sometimes it's pure ecstacy, at other times it's quiet and subdued. But at all times, my Lover's sole intent is to give me Joy - more than I can imagine. What is the most intimate act of love that my Lover and me share?


I'm only learning that with a Lover like this, maybe I can do a little more each day to return my love.

How is my relationship? In case you couldn't tell, it's getting better every day.

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