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Postby michaell » Mon Sep 26, 2005 1:02 am

Hi All--

I've known I'm an alcoholic for years and couldn't bring myself to stop drinking. Last week, however, I ended up at a local ER with full-blown DTs. I'm lucky to be alive.

Tomorrow I start an eight-week rehab. My emotions are out of control and I can't sleep. But my experience last week put me firmly on Step 1. I don't want to keep killing myself.

It's helped me a lot to read the postings here.


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Postby crickit » Mon Sep 26, 2005 10:57 pm

Welcome to the forum M.



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Postby Dallas » Tue Sep 27, 2005 9:31 am

Hi M.

Welcome to! Thanks for joining the forums and thank you even more for taking the time to share with us what’s going on with you!

Yep! Sounds like you’re lucky to be alive!

I hope that your last little adventure made you more of a believer that on your own, chances are that you can’t stop drinking, and stay stopped, if you’re alcoholic – but there is help. That’s why we’re here!!! We got help, we’re still getting help, and we’re all here to help you too! We sometimes have a little slogan around here that says “I can’t but we can!â€

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Postby Rusty Zipper » Wed Sep 28, 2005 9:17 am

welcome, welcome, welcome Michaell!!! :D glad you found this group. great bunch of peop's here. Michaell alcohol, the power that be, before we asked for help, put you in the ER. your alive today. Michaell, i did not have that luxery. you might say i was willing to die for one day of sobriety. i detoxed meself after 39yrs of doing it myway, not a sunny day at the beach, woe!!! ### 52,past monday #### its now 2 1/2 yrs later. yup!. a life beyond my wildest dreams. Michaell, if you dont believe? just look at it this way. what got you out? and what got you in? alcohol didnt get you out of the ER, didnt bring you to this site! ... the power of booze, and maybe drugs, maybe your thinking? shure helped in getting you in the ER! ... AA principals are not the end it all. lots of people not drinking, or druging. good... if ya want to grow into all that you can be. stick with it. wadda ya got to loose??? you can always go back to the Hotel ER! :lol: if this post sounds like im preaching, not my intensions... i did a forth step last night of past year in recovery with new sponser. stil some things to work on, but even with all the crap life, and myself puts upon me. the program of alky's anny. has catapolted me into another dimmension!!! woe, hold on to that Pink Cloud Rusty! michaell, again glad your here, good wishes to you, were always here. its a good place to be. when, and if we are a little nerved up. we can sit down, have a cup of coffee, or whatever ### no booze of course #### and exspress ourselfs, get some other opinions, have a few laughs, and hopefully the thoughs of useing, or confusion wiil slowly fade away. keep coming back Michaell! The Power That Be is with us, and on our side. "One Day at a Time" xo the orig. ass, Rusty :wink: ps dont post this long when saying Hello, dont know why i did??? maybe TPTB :wink:

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