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Postby Dallas » Thu Oct 11, 2007 2:23 pm

I had to wait until alcohol had beat me into submission!

Yet, I have a young guy that I sponsor, who is only 29, and evidently he had plenty of good brain cells left and didn’t wait until he was brainless, by the time he came in, and he’s gotten it on the first time around! He’s five months sober. He’s been through his 12 Steps. He practices his Steps daily. He’s got a good job. A sweet wife. A nice house. They’re thinking about having kids. He’s active in his AA, in addition to having a demanding and an important job. He’s trying to help other alcoholics. He’s having fun with his life. He’s happy. He hunts sober. He fishes sober. He has learned how to cope with problems by using the Steps and picking up the phone – instead of picking up the bottle.

Recovery does not require "a beating into submission" to recover!!!

Obviously, there are some out there – who are not as stubborn, nor as dumb as I was! (And, I always thought, that I was pretty smart!) Yet, I waited until all the good was gone – before I could surrender. I thought I was being big and tough, by fighting the good fight, and being a big enough man, to not give up until I was beaten into submission by alcohol.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if we could somehow help them to become convinced now, rather than having to wait until they have lost it all.

I talked to another new kid who came in last night. Twenty-six years old. Owns a house. Nice girlfriend. Good job. Just had a kid. Sees his problem. But, he’s not ready to stop.

The seed was planted. And, wouldn’t it be grand – if he gets a second chance to change his mind, before it’s too late?

Kind of like our book talks about. Many of us could look back upon our lives and see – that we had become alcoholic many years before we realized that we had a problem.


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