Step 3: We made a decision to change.

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Postby dahlgren » Mon Jan 21, 2008 4:47 pm

Well said Paul. I'm Mike an alcoholic/addict.

I have to be honest here and say Schooner, the only part of your post I can remotely agree with is;

There are people who DON'T believe in GOD.

And even then have to make an addition to that statement...."as YOU understand Him".

The main appeal, for me, of AA that I finally came to understand, again for me, was that I had permission to have my own Higher Power as I understood Him. He is not the same as yours or anyone else's for that matter, He is all mine. Anytime I try and impose my idea of my Higher Power on others I am no better than the religious elitists that I used to love to chastise and make fun of. They were also the excuse I used to keep myself at arms length from God, whom I choose to call my Higher Power.

If I am sincerely and honestly going to surrender my will to my Higher Power than I have to do it all the way, can't pick and choose what parts I'm willing to surrender. "Half measures availed us nothing". Well my friends, I found myself at the turning point and asked for His care and protection. What was I willing to sacrifice or give up to Him? My will and making a conscience decision to be willing to try something different, which was deciding to not be insane anymore or at least try not to be.

Today I know that I don't want or have to right to judge another, I can't afford to practice, "contempt prior to investigation". I quit that job some years back now and with the help of this program, the tools it offers me and you people in it, it's continued to work the way it's supposed to for over 25 years now and continuously for me too.

In love and recovery,

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