- Our personal adventures... before and after

Our personal adventures... before and after

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Our personal adventures... before and after

Postby Dallas » Wed Oct 19, 2005 4:06 pm

Our personal adventures... before and after

I just love it when I’m listening to someone read a portion of Chapter 5, How It Works, before a meeting... and they get to the line on page 60, that reads “our personal adventures before and afterâ€
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Postby Angel » Wed Oct 19, 2005 10:19 pm

Thanks Dallas.. :) You did all that stuff at 8 yrs. old.. :shock: I didn't even get out of my back yard!! :lol: "Personal Adventures Before and After" humm!! :?: Before I started drinking, I didn't have to many adventures, but when I started drinking (at age 14) ..I had more than I cared for. Most of my adventures were not very good..My life was a disaster from the first time I took a drink..All down hill!! I never finished school ..I got into bad relationships..got pregnant..had kids when I wasn't ready. And the troubles I had were one after another. You spoke of denial..I was the queen of. I never even new I had a problem with alcohol..I use to blame all my trouble on everything else..NEVER THE ALCOHOL!! :roll: Until, I got to the point I couldn't deny anymore..I was sick..I lost my kids..and worst of all the booze stopped working. TERROR!! Through a series of events, I became aquinted with A.A. And I'm so grateful that I did..because I don't think I could have done another adventure..Today I have good adventures..that I remember..God has Bless Me ..and I'm truly grateful..Thanks for letting me share..Your Friend..Angel :wink:
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Good Morning Big thinker

Postby 918gma » Wed Oct 26, 2005 2:46 pm

I'm with you Angel, I never put a single thought into hardly any of my actions. When I did things got worse. I wouldn't make a decision so the decision made itself, leaving me to complain about the results. I had the right, it wasn't my decision.
But I also hang on to stuff mulling it over and over for years. carrying it with me where ever I go. Never letting go. It was my proof that it wasn't my fault I didn't make the decision.
Today in sobriety, I tried the thinking thing, boy was that a mistake. Pardon my french but I could think a Mouse pallet into Elephant dung. Then some idiot would turn on the poop fan and guess what the results of that would be.
The other end of the spectrum is to let go and let God. That isn't aways so easy either. When you send all your time trying to figure out what the answer is suppose to be.
Right now, right this minute what seems to be working is asking for the strength and the wisdom to know and do his will. Then I do the first thing I trip over when I stand back up and go on the next and the next.
It's working right now.
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Postby Dallas » Wed Oct 26, 2005 7:58 pm

Nice to hear from you Gma... :lol: You've been missed. I had just logged on to send you a PM and check on you... and there you are!

You're sober! You're alive!

Sometimes, when my sponsor asks how I'm doing, I reply with "sober and alive". And, he reminds me, that once in a while, that's all it seems like we've got! But, then, those times too, are sure to pass.... as long as we stay sober and alive.

As I was reading your post, I think you said "my decision was to not make a decision." Is that right? I've been there before. For me, sometimes, it's good. And, sometimes it's not too good.

I can think of many decisions that I made while angry... that didn't turn out too well. And, a few when I was in love... that didn't turn out so well either. So, maybe, for me, that means sometimes it's going to work out well or not so well... and a decision will be made regardless of what I do.... even if it's not to decide.

I'm rambling. Huh? Thanks for sharing.

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