Good Morning one and all

Experiences along the way that bring us closer to our Higher Power in 12 Step Sobriety and Moments of Clarity.
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Good Morning one and all

Postby 918gma » Sat Nov 12, 2005 1:38 pm

I was reading in the Daily reflections. The comments for yesterday are about acceptance. Because I work graveyard shift, my day started yesterday.

As I gather my 24s in a role, and learn more each day about the tools the program provides, I remember back when I first started, there was a story in the back of the big book that my sponsor made me read daily. It was on acceptance. I didn't appreciate the value of acceptance then as much as I do now. In the first paragraph on page 419, it talks about AA having given this man a new pair of glasses with which to see, providing that the lenses on not on backwards. This enables us to see and accept life on life's terms so to speak.

In the daily reflections it encourages us that by accepting ourselves, in a loving a nurturing manner, we are accepting Gods will for us. If nothing in Gods world happens by mistake then we are as we should be. That is not to say that, we can not strive to become even more like God would have us. But before any real work can be done, we must accept what we are right now. We are OK.

Have a great Saturday. I am going to nurture myself to a nap.

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Intentions vs actions

Postby Woodstock » Sat Nov 12, 2005 4:41 pm

My grandmother on my fathers side told me years ago that the "Road to hell is paved with good intentions". My father died from complications of alcoholism when I was approx 20/21 yrs old. Is there a correlation?

BB, pg 418 - ......I judged myself by my intentions, while the world was judging me by my actions. :shock:

Under the influence of alcohol I intended to change the world all at once, I knew all the answers, no one understands or has the guts to change things. Of course, when I woke up the next day the drive to make a change wasn't there, let me rest until I can get another drink - Damn when will 1700 hrs ever get here.

I'm grateful to have the influence of a program that points me in the right direction. There is no doubt in my mind I don't know what's best for me; I've already tried too many times. One of my character defects is as a dreamer, not a doer. Everyday I turn my life over to my HP and try to understand and do his will. I must be a doer, and not a dreamer.

I accept I'm an alcoholic and I need the 12 steps and the fellowship. When I do the footwork and leave the results to my HP my life flows a whole lot smoother. The steps work IF I work them. WORK!

Keep Coming Back, :wink:


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Well spoken

Postby 918gma » Sat Nov 12, 2005 7:48 pm

Well said my woodsy friend. That's what the steps are there for. Acceptance is all a part and parcel. It's that whole things we can not change part. The part we don't like to look at.

I too am trying hard to be a doer. By being more accepting, I can do without beating myself up. One of my character defects. The tools box i have been given, I tend to turn on myself with a vengeance. That's why I have to accept who and what I am. Keep in mind I'm still learning just who that is. After a couple step fours, I have realized there's a lot less of me than there was before. And because it was covered in #%%^# for so long I hardly recognise it.

Thanks for sharing. It's good to meet you. Welcome to our growing family.

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