Everyone makes a difference at a meeting.

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Everyone makes a difference at a meeting.

Postby crickit » Wed Aug 03, 2005 10:44 pm

I would just like to share how every little thing you do in recovery helps someone else even when you aren't trying.

Last night at a meeting it was a discussion meeting. One of the members was talking about how scared he was coming in to AA. I actually met him through the Mental Health system as he came into town, had heard about the private meeting and stopped in to see if he could sit in. After the meeting I approached him, gave my name and number and told him to give me a call if he wanted to go to an AA meeting and I'd gladly take him. Well he didn't call, but showed up at a Thursday night meeting a few days later. I went to welcome him and gave him the list of AA meetings in the area and told him the ones I would be at in case he was nervous about going alone. Well, I didn't really think much of it, I am still so early in my recovery. But last night he said if it hadn't been for me, he never would have had the courage to come to AA and thanked me as he got his 2 month chip. He told me I had changed his life. It actually brought tears to my eyes because I really had no idea I was helping anyone, I was and still am, so focused on my own recovery.

So again, I'm amazed at how just staying sober and talking about my problems can help someone else. I left that meeting feeling very good about myself and very greatful for all the people in my life that have touched me in the same way. AA is not just a program of recovery for me, it's a way of life. I've learned more in the last 5 months than I have in the last 5 years.

Thanks for providing us all with this forum. It has become a part of who I am. They say the gods don't give you more than you can handle so maybe my life is full of strife right now so that others can have hope to get through what they are going through . I really loving this 'new perception' of things. I'm feeling like nothing can bring me down as long as I work with the program and trust my higher power and stay sober !!!
I hope that's not that pink cloud that everyone keeps talking about. Because I feel like I have both feet firmly planted on the ground for the first time in my life.

So thanks for listening, thanks for sharing, and thanks for being here.


Rusty Zipper
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Pink Cloud

Postby Rusty Zipper » Thu Aug 04, 2005 1:27 am

good evening Crickit, nice to here what you have gotten by reaching out to another. Cricket, freely giving. it's a beautifull thing. it's been said, that when we are full of ourself's, and not just feeling just right... even while we seem to be working our program. or maybe not. that when all else fails. go help another "Drunk... that's just what you did. it get's us out of the "Bubble of Self" i learned early on, that even if you only had one day sober. you know something the newcomer has not. you know how to not drink just for that day! hence the "One Day at a Time" :wink: Cricket, i have been waiting a long time on this site, and my other. to here the subject of the Pink Cloud... yes it's said that it's the feeling of a kind of euphorea that one get's when the cob-web's are gone. our mind's are beginning to get some clarity. life's good, grand and wonderfull! well Cricket, i had just such an experiance. except one thing. i am still on it. 2 1/2 yr's of it... Cricket it comes with a price. it starts with the willingness to go to any lenght's to stay sober. i remember early on i here a woman speaking, telling her story... this woman was dying of cancer, she talked of failed marrrages, living in the street, death, dispare, addiction , children leaving, and many other hardships... i was amazed. amazed that the amout of joy pouring out of this woman. the grace that she exuded, the laughter she had brought to the room... Cricket i wanted just that... i realy knew what had to be done. for me it was takeing what was offered to me, and applying it the imformation in the Big Book. "yup Dallas, i read it also" :wink: working the steps to the best of my ability. being willing to change, change my old way of thinking.... Cricket it has paid off... been through 22+ death's, including 2 suicide's, physical pain, rebuilding my kidney's, and liver, teeth falling out, finacial hardship's, now have a $ 13,000. 00 mastercard dept, 80 percent is from intrest, a relationship that didn't work out, not once but i think three times. well that's worked out , now recovery buddie... oh, let's not forget all the car probs. ect, ect. ect. i am not telling you all this for any other reason other than to show you that life can be grand, even through all the debri.... it takes daily work, not "Willy-Nilly" style, take what you want, and leave the rest. when take all, comes faith, trust, understanding, a belief in a Power Greater Than... there are people around here that are truly envious of me... thats there s$#t ... i tell them that there's plenty of room on this cloud for anyone who cares to join! "Just How Far Down the Rabbit Hole Do You Want To Go" Alice in Wonderland! ... Cricket, on outgoing, talk about my Pink Cloud. two people come to me after meeting, they say. on cloud for 13yr's other say's 22yrs, i ask how... one say's One Day at a Time!, the other say's believing in anything other than me... well there you go... My Pink Cloud... Cricket, sharing this with you is another way of helping me,,, Rolling Stones have a song ... Hey, You Stay on That Cloud :D lol. best of wishes to you Criket xoxo Rusty, or PC as they call me in the room's

Dr Bob
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Postby Dr Bob » Thu Aug 04, 2005 1:52 am

An old friend of mine back when I first cleaned up told me that we're all the same - only the day is different. Some of us suffer while others rejoice. But we are all examples of living again with hope. Without our stories, the program would be glum and routine. But with them we share tragedies, victories, and new horizons that inspire, warn, or motivate us to new levels of life.

Without those that share, I would not have attempted half of what I've already accomplished. And, on the same note - I've avoided many 'pitfalls' by just listening and remembering. But over all of it, I'm a shining example by just breathing and showing the person next to me that it can be done, it can happen, and that there's hope for each of us - one day at a time.

So whether I share in a meeting, or buy someone a cup of coffee, or hold the door open for someone at the store - I carry the message in all I do by just being myself and smiling.

hugs - J

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Little things

Postby Dallas » Thu Aug 04, 2005 1:32 pm

Hey Crickit, great topic! Thanks for posting it!

Yes. It's the little things that make big differences. Based on your experience in AA, that you've shared with us, it shows me, once again, the truth that each little action that we take is like a seed that we plant, and it grows into a big plant. Depending on the type of seed, it can grow into a very useful plant that can feed and nourish others, or… it can grow into a weed… that sucks out the nutrients and energy of plants that grows around it.

The little actions that you mentioned, like reaching out to a newcomer, giving them your number, making them feel welcome, offering them a ride to a meeting, and things like that are seeds that Life can use to bring healing and new growth in the people around you.

As those people around you grow, and are nourished, they also become strong, planting the little seeds that make a difference. Pretty soon, we have what Chapter 11, talks about with “a Fellowship that grows up around us.â€

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Postby crickit » Thu Aug 04, 2005 9:14 pm

If other’s could not see the joy, happiness, cheerfulness and laughter in our experience… they wouldn’t want it! We carry the message by example! Thanks for mentioning that!!!

Another story LOL.

A few weeks in AA I met this fellow that was over flowing in happiness. He always called himself a greatful alcoholic and how happy he was to be here. Being the cynical me, I thought how can he be so happy all the time. We're all alcoholics with tragic stories. The more I saw him the more I wanted what he had but thought surely it was unobtainable, he's just putting on a front for the rest of us. No one can be this happy. Then one day he pulled me aside and said "I'm so greatful you're here tonight. I had a really bad day today and listening to you allways makes me feel better. I was thinking,'ah ha, he is normal, he does get upset" and I asked him why me. He said 'because I was at were you are 12 years ago and I can always see the hope in your eyes. You always talk from the heart and I get to watch you grow. You are doing wonderfully even though you don't see it."

Well I smiled and thanked him but didn't really know what he was talking about. After the sharing meeting ( I had just told the group that my sister had just died and I had to prepare myself for going to a typical Irish wake with my family, all alcoholics themselves). He gave me a hug and said "I've watched how strong you have become over the last couple of months and you will be ok. God is on your side now'

I walked away from that meeting thinking 'what the heck is he talking about. He doesn't know me or my family' But then I started thinking 'I do want what he has and I'm willing to go to any length to have it' And here I am today, a happy whole person. I'm able to deal with things that would have buried me deep in a bottle before. He saw hope in me before I was able to. So if this is a pink cloud oh well. I'll never tell anyone to get off it unless they are trying to take it away from me. I have hope for the first time in my life. Glad to hear from others that I can stay on my pink cloud.


Rusty Zipper
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pink cloud

Postby Rusty Zipper » Thu Aug 04, 2005 11:40 pm

hi Cricket, a wonderfull story. saddened to here about your sis. say on that cloud!, and Cricket, the only one that can push you off that cloud......... is yourself. keep seeking. xoxo Rusty

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