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Postby ccs » Fri Apr 24, 2009 2:19 pm

:?: where is EVERYONE????? its been pretty Quiet on the board for a few days Is Everyone OK? :idea: lets get some conversation going here whats up with you ? :D I`m doing well

I`m starting a back to the 40`s workshop on Wed. (you know where they take you thruogh the steps like the oldtimmers did in the 40`s)
any one ever been to one?
I`ll try to keep you posted on how it goes its being done by someone who was supossed to have been an archivest for the WSB in Ney York
so when I find out more about him I`ll share it with you all

so what about you guys whats going on with everyone ???? How is Everybody doing ????



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Postby Dallas » Fri Apr 24, 2009 6:02 pm

Hi Cessie,

I'm checking in! :lol:

I was on an extended stay in Eureka Springs, Arkansas (about two hours from where I live) for the Springtime in the Ozarks Convention. It was awesome -- but I had a hard time getting cell phone signals and connecting online.

Also, my Internet service provider has had difficulty in keeping me serviced. :lol:

I'm sorry for being so quiet... I've been getting so much pleasure out of reading the messages that you and others post... and I've been soaking it in rather than commenting.

Thanks for reminding me that it's time that I get back into posting.

I like to listen more than I like to talk.


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Postby ROBERT » Fri Apr 24, 2009 9:22 pm

i'm still alive and WELL....was in ohio 4 the weekend 4 some A.A. workshop,about carrying the message inside prisons...awesome time..glad to be back......ROBERT

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Postby Dallas » Sat Apr 25, 2009 7:40 pm

We have a loner member up in Silverton, Colorado... that has had limited Internet service... and the problem is supposed to be solved tomorrow. Hopefully, she will be wise... and log-in, check-in, and return to participating-in!!! :lol:

She's in an interesting situation with only one other sober alcoholic in town (that she is aware of)... and she's working on a new plan to let the town drunks (and the professional community) know that AA is alive and well in Silverton... and that help is available for any drunks that would like a solution to their drinking problem! :lol:


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Postby GeoffS » Sun Apr 26, 2009 2:10 am

Been busy doing the 2nd half of step 12

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Postby garden variety » Tue Apr 28, 2009 1:57 pm

Checking in too!

I'm listening probably more than talking. Getting along real good on the health side.

I'm learning how to be a better friend. Funny thing is that isn't an easy process. There is something I wrote down in my "quotes" that strikes me today:

"What is essential is usually invisible."

I have peace today, like I've been having each day. I see how God (as I undertand Him) truly answers my prayers in such a perfectly clear, precise, and loving way. But today it also hurts learning how to be a better friend. Last night it hurt even more, literally.

Maybe what I think is "hurt" really isn't hurt, it's just my selfishness taking flight when I don't entertain it. I thought perhaps I had better things to do than rake leaves for a disabled friend. Maybe I wanted a smile or a promise of reciprocity - a warm gesture in return. But I didn't really need it.

The leaves needed to be raked. I have the health, my friend didn't. 'Nuff said huh?

Oh yeah, that "invisible essential" thing - constructive action never fails.

I might not be happy about it. I might feel hurt about it. But none of that matters. Why? Because constructive action never fails.

I said a prayer yesterday morning and it was answered. I asked God to help me be a better friend to one of His kids. I was given that gift, exactly. Not exactly when and how I expected it, but I got what I prayed for. My friend apologized that his son didn't help, and I think he felt guilty because there was a time when raking leaves and caring for his yard was easy - something he took for granted. Something he could do after a long day at work. But today that's changed. There are no more long days at work for him.

When I take the time to inventory my day and what went on, it got a little scary. How would I feel being unable to rake my leaves or mow my lawn? What is it like to bear serious physical pain every single waking hour, having never had it before?

I was told today that a fella that worked in my office building died. This guy loved my youngest son, and he knew my ex-wife and me from a long time ago. I'd see him maybe twice a month, and he'd smile and always ask about my son. I knew his wife, too. I worked with her some 20 years ago. I remember when she contracted cancer and lived and died. Pete was never the same. What a sad thing to experience - losing your beloved to a long battle with cancer. Now Pete's gone, too.

That could have been me. But somehow I got yet another reprieve.

I'm grateful for today, and for every single breath that goes in and out of my healthy lungs. I worked the 3rd step today, so I have a job to do. Lately that's been learning how to be a better friend. I'm good with that, even if it hurts and I don't get anything out of it. Especially when I consider the alternatives.

God bless all of you, and especially the lady who stuck her arm out the window of her car because she was thoughtful enough to realize her turn signal didn't work. God bless the two morning doves that sat on the wire this morning when I kissed my loved one goodbye.

There's so much beauty in a single day, and sometimes so much pain. I'm glad there are only 24 hours. I don't know I'd do if there were more. But I would try to give it my best!

Peace and Love,

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Postby Dallas » Tue Apr 28, 2009 4:20 pm

Paul wrote:Getting along real good on the health side.

Thanks for checking-in Paul. I'm sure you must know -- that many of us have been thinking of you and praying for you. Thanks for letting us know that prayers are being answered and that your health is getting better.

I understand your sharing above. Makes real perfect sense to me. :wink:

Just the fact that I'm alive... breathing... got fingers to type with... lights to help me see... air, water, food, and a comfortable place to lay my head... and the reality of a loving God, that provides every single thing I need... right down the present heart beat... it's an awesome experience to contemplate. And, the bonus??? That is the bonus!!! :lol: And, to put the cherries, whip cream and nuts on top of it -- I get to experience it SOBER!!!! :wink:

WOW!!! What an awesome deal!



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Postby DebbieV » Wed Apr 29, 2009 12:32 am

Thanks for the shout out Dallas.

Yep I'm the loner alcoholic in Silverton, Co. and yes I am working on a plan of action to get the message out that there is at least two sober members of Alcoholics Anonymous in town and there will be a meeting every week even if I have to sit in the room by myself......

Just checking in also. Great to be back...


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Postby Jools » Wed Apr 29, 2009 7:49 am

It's good to see ya, Deb!

Keep us posted on how you're doing!


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Postby Dallas » Wed Apr 29, 2009 9:31 pm

Deb wrote:there will be a meeting every week even if I have to sit in the room by myself......

I sure identify with that! Sat at many a meetings by myself waiting for an alcoholic prospect to drop in! They were some of the best meetings that I've ever been to! :lol: :lol:

While I made the meeting available... I didn't forget that my primary purpose was to carry the message to the alcoholic that was still suffering... and not just wait for them to show up at the meeting!. :lol:

AA'ers used to accuse me of chasing drunks... and I was! Heck, I'm alcoholic. Real alcoholic. I must be trying to find an alcoholic to help. I wish I had the luxury of waiting for them to find me... it would be easier. But, maybe not as fun and exciting! I've got lots of wonderful stories to remember... of this alcoholic trying to reach another alcoholic. And, guess what??? It kept me sober!

I'm glad that other AA'ers don't have to do what I do and have done to stay sober. Or else... it would be too danged crowded out there and the competition would be too much for me!


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