Time for Bella

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Time for Bella

Postby DebbieV » Wed Apr 29, 2009 1:26 am

Well, its been a long process but I finally talked my sponsor into the fact that I had been sober long enough to get a dog. I had to show that I was responsible enough to take on a pet.

I was so nervous. What if I really wasn't ready? What if I wanted to beat the dog for doing unthinkable things to my rug? What if I couldn't love her? What if I didn't take the time to train her and she became unmanageable?

All these doubts came into my head. I took this getting a dog thing very serious. I made a contract with myself that this pet was going to stay with me. No more leaving an animal because I got to drunk in a town, messed everything up so it was time to move on and the pet didn't have a place with me anymore.

It was time to grow up, be responsible and take care of something the way it deserves to be taken care of.

So I got her.. A gorgeous Rot-Shepard mix, 3 month old teddy bear, named Bella I don't think I can put in words the joy she has given me in three short weeks. She loves me unconditionally, and I love her more than any animal I ever had. That little girl can make me see my sobriety in a new light every time she looks at me with the adoring look she has.

I am so grateful I waited to get her. It kills me how our sponsors can know what we need even (or don't need) even when we cant.

This Sober life keeps getting better and better. Never would I have thought a dog could bring so much joy. But then again there are so many things that bring me joy now that I'm living life sober.

I hope you all have a Bella in your life.

Thanks for letting me share.


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Postby Jools » Wed Apr 29, 2009 7:54 am

Thanx for sharing about Bella, Deb!! I have three dogs, two of them are rotties and the other a mutt. They are my babies and they love me so unconditionally. They love me how I want to be able to love others. I can have a bad day at work, pull up in the drive and my 130 pound male comes running up to my car justa whining for his Mama, all the sudden that bad day isn't so bad anymore.

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Postby Anja » Wed Apr 29, 2009 11:46 am

Good for you, Debbie.

Have to say my cats have always been a piece of my motivtion for good health.

Who knows what's next? You might eventually graduate to boyfriends. Hee. Sounds like "Twenty-eight Days."

My sponsor is younger than I am but, dang, she can hit the nail on the head. Bless 'em.

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Postby ccs » Wed Apr 29, 2009 1:52 pm

Hi Debbie thanx for telling us about Bella ((AWWWWW)))) sounds like she`s a real cutiepie :D

I have two babies they are mutts sheperd chow hienz 57 :lol:

but they are my BABIES!!! I love them soooo much and they love me more mine are Lucy & Rikki ! thay are both girls but Lucy came first so Rikki was it for # 2 :lol:
your right about all the love and it sounds like you really put alot of thought into it and thats great

because being a mommy to such a loving creature is a big responsibilty it is a lifetime commitment dogs live a long life mine are 8 and 9 and I couldn`t bear the thought of them having to be anyplace but with me
I can see where a sponsor would say that some are not ready for such a big responsibility it really is like having a new baby potty trainng teething teaching booster shots :lol: :lol:

I pray that you two have a long and happy life together ( Happy , Joyous, & Free life ) :D

Much Luv Cess

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Postby garden variety » Wed Apr 29, 2009 3:15 pm

Hi Debbie,

I have a Rottie/German Shepherd girl myself. 90 pounds of pure love. They are great dogs, and a great mix, too. Just enough "herding dog" (German Shepherd) to be gentle and loving, but also just enough guard dog and scary slobber sounds and window-shaking barks to keep the neighborhood thugs on their toes and away from my home. I have a corse-haired Collie too. Together they are the entertainment package.

But I don't know about sponsor approval? I mean having and caring for a pet seems like an outside issue where AA would have no opinion. That's how I see it anyhow.

But enjoy your baby, and remember herding dogs are VERY SENSITIVE - which means they get their feelings hurt about as easy as alcoholics do. No yelling, cussing, or hitting (yeah right! :oops: )

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Postby DebbieV » Sun May 03, 2009 9:23 pm

Thanks for sharing your stories guys.

Bella and I are doing great and every day with her is a blessing.

I got a kick out what you said Paul, about outside issues with my sponsor. I can see where someone may consider getting a dog as an outside issue but for me and my background, I don’t see it that way. When I first got sober I was not responsible enough to have a goldfish. I would venture a guess to say I was not responsible enough to be taking care of myself. So after 9 months leaning to stay sober, learning to take care of myself and learning to be a mom, I ask the very serious question of my sponsor, “Do you think I am responsible enough to take care of a pet?â€

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Postby Dallas » Tue May 05, 2009 12:08 am

Deb wrote:I believe one of the responsibilities of a sponsor is to teach us how to be a responsible member of A.A. and in life.

I'm sure grateful that I have a sponsor that was/is and has been willing to help me to learn to be a responsible member of AA and in life!

I was lucky to get sober in an area that was strong on sponsorship and geat sponsors were available.

I have to say that every problem I have ever "suffered through" was a problem that I didn't talk to my sponsor about first.... And, every problem, where I talked to my sponsor first... before taking actions... helped me to take guided and directed actions that worked out well for me and all concerned.

Imagine the relationship pains I could have avoided... had I talked to my sponsor first??? :lol:

Some people have a direct connection to God. God talks to them directly. I admire that and I wish that I was one of them. The God that I understand -- offers me direction, suggestion and advice -- through other people. Of course I make my own decisions -- I just prefer making "informed decisions"... kind of the same as a "Group Conscience" approach. Originally... this is the same basic principle our founders used... that eventually became Step Eleven. They were able to consult with each other... to try and figure out if the direction they were getting was from God... or, if it was Odd! :wink:

Our entire life is about relationships. And, when I came into this world and began my living of life... I didn't have a clue about healthy and meaningful relationships. Relationships with people, pets, things, places, principles, organizations, government, community, world, planet, the ground I stand on, the air I breath, trees, nature, automobiles, money, service, food, self, and with God.

And, for me... my Sobriety is about my relationships with all of the above. (And, especially... with dogs and other animals that have their life, living, and being, sharing the same Creator). :wink:

And, I understand... that there are many others that are not as fortunate and lucky as I -- to have the kind of sponsorship available to them -- and I have it available to me. For this -- I am eternally grateful.


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Postby DebbieV » Tue Sep 15, 2009 6:15 pm

It's been 7 months with my gorgeous little Bell a and a few days ago we adopted another little girl -Memphis. The name was my husband's ideal, Memphis Belle...I know cute right?
What a blessing it is to be able to take care of a husband, child, and two puppies. I still remember so well the days of drinking and not being able to take care of myself, let alone two puppies.

For this alcoholic it is a miracle to get up every day and take care of these little girls with love and happiness.
And the joy they bring is unreal, to see the joy in their face when I walk in the room, or when they both jump up in my bed in the morning to say "Good Morning Mom".

God bless puppies and being sober to love them.


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Postby Dallas » Wed Sep 16, 2009 9:48 pm

Debbie wrote:God bless puppies and being sober to love them.


Now, you understand how my puppies are my live-in sponsors-at-large. :lol:

This alcoholic's best friends -- they keep me sober! And, keep me enjoying "why" I'm sober!


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