Fake it till you make it

Original poems that are specifically recovery related
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Fake it till you make it

Postby tim-one » Mon May 11, 2009 12:55 pm


The beast in the field, the bug in the tree,
The bird and the bee, the things in the sea,
All act and react they know not why.
They only know to fight or fly.

But I am man. I learn. I know.
By rationale, I reap and sow.
I quest. I scan. I seek. I find.
Because I can, I change my mind.

Cut me once I may just bleed.
But cut me twice, I see a need
To search myself for bad or good
For reasons I again withstood
A double dose of your desire
That once before had raised my ire.

So now I see that it was me
Who took the pain and did not flee.
Because myself I saw in you,
I chose the pain you put me through.

‘Tis I, not you, without the strength
To bear the pain alone at length.
‘Till from fatigue I faint and quit
Or in old age I die with it.

From now till then what you will see
Is what I choose, not what is me:

I’m happy, not sad.
I’m good, not bad.
I love not to hate.
I choose to cheat fate.
I laugh not to cry.
I live to not die.
I’m calm lest I burst.
I’m last though I’m first.
I’m kind ‘cause I’m not.
I’m a tea-sipping sot.
I’m just, but unfair.
I’m a pussycat bear.

So you can relax if you’re too tired.
I’m willing and able to change as required.

Will I be judged grotesque inside?
A monster till the day I died?
Or by the things I’d said and done
Pretending to act like God’s own Son?

Give no thought to how I feel
When you’re in pain or need a meal.
I practice, practice, practice still
To heal my heart without a pill,
Till inside is as outside does,
Till monster is as Jesus was.

The brat in me revolts when prodded.
It’s him, not me! And God just nodded.
And so I bother, though it makes me wild,
To forgive my father and mature my child.

Tim S.
IOP 9-97

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Postby Dallas » Mon May 11, 2009 10:10 pm

Wow! That's really good Tim!
Thank you for sharing it.


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