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Personal experiences with a Higher Power of your own understanding.
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Read First! Guidelines and Information for this forum Topic

Postby Dallas » Fri Jun 05, 2009 4:20 am

We Came To Believe - Finding my Higher Power

Read First! Guidelines and Information for this forum Topic

Forum Description: Personal experiences and struggles finding or renewing a Higher Power of their understanding.

Preamble: Opinions expressed here are very personal and are not AA promoted, suggested, criticized, or disavowed. AA has absolutely no opinion regarding the posts herein. Read at your own interest.

Experiences expressed here help those who have made contact with a Higher Power of their understanding to remember their struggle and to recognize their spiritual progress. These experiences may be helpful to those who are now wrestling with spiritual concepts and personal doubts, fears, disappointments, resentments, hatreds, prejudices, or any other reluctance to accept spiritual possibilities.

It is not the purpose of this forum to persuade anyone to believe any particular spiritual way or god or higher power. Nor is the purpose to dissuade anyone from any spiritual convictions.

Here, we share our own thought processes and considerations finding a power greater than ourselves that, not only is more powerful than ourselves, but is more powerful than alcohol or any other mind-altering substance.

The reader may find a story with which he/she can identify. None of us are alone. Few of us carried a personal relationship with a higher power in-tact through our more poignant using days. To any of countless degrees, nearly all of us had to struggle with spirituality to receive the fullest benefit from the AA program.

As the book of Alcoholics Anonymous

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