Happy Sober Thanksgiving to all of you!

Alcoholics and Addicts in 12 Step Programs sharing their personal recovery stories with hope to help others who alcoholics and addicts who want to recover using the 12 Steps.
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Happy Sober Thanksgiving to all of you!

Postby Dallas » Wed Nov 23, 2005 4:13 pm

Happy Sober Thanksgiving to all of you!

Because of God’s grace, through the program of Alcoholics Anonymous, a loving sponsor, and AA members like you, here in this forum and out in the AA meeting rooms across the country, I’ve been blessed with a wonderful life that’s much better than anything that I could have produced on my own!

If I keep on breathing, this will be my 20th consecutive sober Thanksgiving that’s coming up! And, each one of them has gotten better and better and better and better!!!!

I just want to take a little space here to thank all of you for participating in my life and in my recovery. So, thank you!!!

This time of the year can be a wonderful and joyous time for many, and it can also be a sad and tragic time for others. I hope that those of you who are prayer-minded, will join with me in both silent meditation and prayer for those that can use our prayers. And, for those who are not prayer-minded, if you’ll join in thoughtfulness and acts of kindness for those who are having a hard time.

One memory that I’ll never forget, was how hard it was for me to get through my very first sober Thanksgiving. Without the help of God and many AA’s like you, I could have never made it.

Without alcohol or drugs of any type, I was getting a jolt of the full reality of my feelings and emotions. The loneliness. Guilt. Remorse. Terror. Bewilderment. Sadness. Depression. Fear. And, since I was only about 14 days sober, I was still shaking a little bit, too!

I was so terrified that I would drink, or possibly harm myself in some other way, that I clung to every AA member and every AA meeting that I could find that would let me in! And, I was welcomed with warm concern, loving hearts, and helping hands.

AA’s that I had never met were changing their schedules, changing their plans, and doing other things that I’m sure they were going out of their way to do, just to help me. The only thing that they asked of me in return, was that I stick around and try to help someone else. To freely pass on, what had been freely passed on to me.

If my heart is still beating this Thanksgiving, my body will be where it’s been for the last 19 Thanksgivings, and that’s in a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous with people like me.

Some of the suggestions that were given to me during my first pre-Thanksgiving, that were extremely helpful to me were a few of these:

1. Load up on ton’s of AA member’s phone numbers. And, ask them ahead of time, if they mind if I call them if I’m having a difficult time. Also, to be sure that I use the numbers and make the calls even if it’s just to say “Happy Thanksgivingâ€

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Postby Woodstock » Thu Nov 24, 2005 11:43 am

I thank my HP for each and everyone of my AA brethren and sistrens (is sistrens a word ?- I just made it :))

For those aware, I am on my second helping of sobriety after 5 years in the gutter and 8.9 yrs sober before going back out; just over 6 months sober now.

Today I feel so grateful for my reawakening and remember I am so fortunate to have been given another chance at real life. I feel somewhat melancholy today, it started working on me yesterday afternoon. Fortunately, I have a HP and fellowship, and most importantly, (hope) for a bright future with a sincere desire to be sober regardless of how I may feel on any given day.

The BB says "Self-centeredness is the root of my troubles". So,later I'll visit family for a little while, make phone contact with my kids, get to a meeting and swing by the Alano club and hang out with people like me. I'll be present for the alchoholic in need just as they will be present for me.

Hmmmm. Is alcoholism a gift or is the Alcoholics Anonymous program and fellowship a gift? I'll ponder that one for awhile, but this I know, my
SOBRIETY is truly a gift.

Happy Thanksgiving and I'll see you as we trudge the happy road of destiny.


Pensacola, FL

p.s. RZ - Rule 62 is one I MUST remember today :P. 918 I'm thinking about you and praying for you today. Dallas - glad your here buddy. Cricket, Angel, Spiritman, and all the rest - thank you for being a part of my sober life in recovery. Again - Happy Thanksgiving 8)

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another day of Thanks(giving)

Postby john boy » Thu Nov 22, 2007 7:10 am

I stumbled (good at stumbling here) across this site a couple of weeks ago and must say how pleasantly surprised and refreshing I find it. A big thanks to Dallas and all the contributors.

I was at a meeting some time ago and the topic was gratitude. A woman in the back stood up to say.... " I'm grateful that we have Alcoholics Anonymous today....I must always be mindful of the fact A.A. didn't come in to being until 1935"...she went to add how her aunt an alcoholic, died(was murdered) while living on the streets and how that may not have occurred had she been alive when A.A. was in existence. Somehow I still hear her saying that as if it were yesterday.

Lastly, a thanks to my sister and her husband both members..Johnnie O'Donnell who provided a phone number for me to call and to Clancy and those he sponsored in the Upland Calif area where I found sobriety..or shall I say it found me.

love and bestest to all on this day....


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Postby garden variety » Thu Nov 22, 2007 10:25 am

Thanks for stumbling John. By stumbling you helped me today, too.

Dallas-your post is just as fresh today as it was when you made it.

We've been made new today - friends. Today I am the best Paul there ever was. The beauty of that is knowing there is no other competition. Today I have the freedom to live another day as Paul, and to do the things only Paul can do and should do.

As I long as I spend my day being Paul, and not anyone else, God will be served and other human beings will be helped. That's the way God designed it. That's because Paul was created in the image of God, and so are each of you. Today I have the chance to live God's dream, and it's as simple as saying a few "magic words".

"Thank you".

I don't think "thank you" could ever be enough words to express how grateful I am to be Paul today, but I can't think of anything better or simpler.

God bless each of you today.
With love and respect,


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Postby Dallas » Thu Nov 22, 2007 12:33 pm

Thank you Paul... and, I say
Thank you Paul, John Boy, Woodstock, and all the many many others who make this site possible, and for your participation here.

And... a very special "Thank you" to those that Clancy has sponsored, and still sponsors, in the Upland, California area, and many that he sponsors throughout the rest of the world.

A spcial "Thank you" to Dave Mitchel, my very first A.A. Sponsor, who is with Joe McQuany, Ben Rosenberg, Hugh Douglass, Chuck Chamberlain, Pat Dormire, Jimmy Greenan, and the many many other very special A.A.'s who have been instrumental in my life and in my sobriety and in my recovery, who have passed on to the "Other Meeting."

A very special "Thank you" to the members of the San Fernando Group, that helped me get sober! And, the Monday Night Granada Hills meeting, the San Fernando Valley A.A. Convention Committee, past and present, the San Fernando Valley A.A. Central Office, it's volunteers and managers, past and present... including a very special thank you to Bob F., a brother-in-sobriety and the current Manager at SFVAA Central Office, the Members of the Rafter's Group, the Pacific Group, and especially the Chatsworth Friday Night Speaker Meeting! Without all of you... and your help... I would not be here to say "Thank you."

And, a really very special "THANK YOU" to Clancy, I. !!!!
Thank you for your help, your guidance, and direction, and the structure and discipline that you have gone to great lengths -- to help me acquire. I believe that my life is as good as it is today -- as a direct result of all the help that you have been to me. Also -- thank you for all that you have done for the Pacific Group, and for all that you have done, and still do -- for Alcoholics Anonymous.

Another very special "Thank you" today -- for Charlie P., up in Northwest Arkansas!!! For allowing God to use you as he has done, to give all that you have given, that has benefited myself, and many thousands of others in the A.A. Fellowship.

And, thank you to all the others that I have not mentioned by name, Passed-on and current members of A.A., all throughout the world, for your past works of love and service, and the work and love and service that you are doing and giving today... for Alcoholics Anonymous.

Of couse, the biggest thanks of all -- to God, for everything.... for my life, and sobriety and recovery, my friends and family in the Fellowship, thank you for giving us Alcoholics Anonymous and the 12 Steps ... so that we could not only survive and live again -- but for the New Life that is available to us alcoholics, and the many 12 Step Groups that have grown from A.A., that is reaching out to serve the recovering, the suffering and the afflicted!!!

And, thank you A.A.!!!! Without you......... I wouldn't be here. And, I wouldn't enjoy the life that I live today!!!!

Another thank you... to Bill W., Doc, Smitty, Jung, James, and the first 100 alcoholics who Pioneered this A.A. Path for us to follow!!!

And, closing with a reminder for myself, and to others in A.A., and to the future members of A.A., of one of the greatest of promises, in the Big Book -- that is available to us all, if we "do the work."

"We have recovered, and have been given the power to help others." page 132, Big Book

Dallas B.

P.S. A HUGE Thank you, to my dogs!!! Thank you for your love and kindness and friendship, and all that you have done and all that you do to keep me safe, sane, sober, happy, joyous and free, enjoying the Good Life!!!

:lol: :lol: :lol:

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Postby Woodstock » Thu Nov 22, 2007 4:13 pm

It has been a while since I have visited this site. I am grateful it is still here and I am still sober :)

I still feel grateful for my sobriety and hope I have continued to grow into a better man...the fact I am still sober gives me hope I am still progressing.....

Tonight, as every Thursday night, I'll be heading down to our local jail and chair the meeting that helps me stay sober.

I am grateful a Higher Power exists in my life and the resulting sobriety when I try to do his will. I am deeply grateful for the AA program and the fellowship of souls who have suffered a common peril and found a common solution.

My wife and I (she the addict, and me the alkie) have reassembled our life and live happy, joyous, and free. We have a modest little home, 2 cars, a motorcycle, jobs, our health, 1 dog, 2 cats, and a couple bucks in the bank.

Thankfully, alcohol is no longer my master and I have a new employer who manages things a whole lot better than me. I take the action layed out before me and God takes care of the results.

In order for me to stay sober, it is necessary to make each day a day of Thanksgiving.

Sobriety Rocks!

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First Thanksgiving Sober

Postby Lou » Fri Nov 23, 2007 6:59 am

Hello, my name is Lou and I am an alcoholic. Today is day 19. This is my first Thanksgiving without alcohol/drugs, probably ever. I am so thankkful for that. I am also thankful for each of you who have posted on this forum. I know I am not alone and that my issues are not unique. Fear, remorse, embarrassment, anger and worthlessness have been my constant companions.... but they are slipping away as I continue to work the steps. I am thankful for that!

Thanksgiving day, there were 30 family members gathered at my aunt and uncle's in the Chicago area. I had already told most of them that I realized I am an alcoholic and I was seeking recovery through AA. Far from being misunderstood or encouraged to drink or smoke just for the holidays, I got nothing but love and support. They already knew I was an alcoholic! Imagine that! 28+ years of drinking and drugging at family events and I thought noone knew I was in trouble!

Many of my family said that they could see the toll that alcohol had been taking on my spirit. Some even related that they were having issues with alcohol themselves. I am so thankful that I could say, "I don't know if you have a problem, only that I have a problem. But if you do have a problem, there is a solution." What a gift, only 19 days in and I can share my experience strength and hope with those I love most!

I have been struggling with fear, though. Will have traveled over 5000 miles from Tuesday until the end of next week. I know that not getting to a meeting since Monday plays into that fear. I need the support, and thank God, no matter where I am, I know I can get it. But I woke up in terror, the last two nights. terror that my old life would catch up with me. Will continue to do the things that are suggested by the program, my faith, and my sponsor. Hopefully this too, shall pass.

So until we meet again, online or in person, be well and God Bless.

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Postby Dallas » Fri Nov 23, 2007 1:57 pm

Thanks for checking in Lou!!!

Congratulations on your first Sober Thanksgiving! That was the hardest Thanksgiving I ever had, was my first one!!!

Some good news for you........ this was my 22nd consecutively sober Thanksgiving... with not a drop of alcohol in between!!! And, if "IT" (Meaning of course A.A.) worked for me... it WILL work for you!!! I'm the kind of alcoholic who couldn't go for over two hours without a drink... (and, two hours was really stretching it!).

And, my sponsor just had his 50th consecutively sober Thansgiving! That's good news for me and for you... it let's us know that IT -- AA works for the long-haul of living!!! IT (AA) REALLY WORKS!!!

Hang in there on your adventure! Remember, when the terror strikes... that you are not alone -- and that terror has struck all of us -- and we didn't have to drink over it!

And, if you start feeling lonely... or alone... I hope you'll remember that we are here... and if you come and visit us, you'll help us to not feel alone!

I believe that this is the magic behind everything that we do in A.A.

We begin to give away that which we want for our self.

It works just backwards to how we learned life. In life I learned "to get what I want -- I have to get out there and get it." And, I never got it.

In AA I learned "you've got to give away what you want -- if you want to get it." And, I've been getting ever since!

AA. It's the gift that keeps on giving!!! :lol:

Best wishes to you Lou!

Happy Thanksgiving.


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Postby littlemiss » Fri Nov 23, 2007 4:45 pm

Right On, Lou! I'm on Day 23...


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