Feeling like Drinking today

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Postby tim-one » Fri Jun 19, 2009 9:50 am

It is SOOOOO good to see real men stand against the fakers.

Can I join your "One-of-Many Kosher-guy club?"
(Kosher. Get it? No pork?) :P

Hey, Susan. I see a legal tactic and a wonderful sober opportunity for you there.

Courage under fire.
Grace under pressure.

Don't let them pull that "misdirection play" on you (read up on your football. :wink: ) They're trying to get you flustered so you do your job emotionally, defensively, to prove THIS woman can do it, instead of doing your job oh-so-adeptly. I'm not sying you did that. I'm just sayin, it may be a subliminal tactic.

You go, girl. Hey ... this job is SO easy, even a man can do it.!

Weeinies gotta pick on a poor defenseless "mere" woman to be men.


Love ya,

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