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Idaho A.A. Meetings

Idaho A.A. Meetings: To locate a local Idaho A.A. Meetings A.A. meeting scroll down this page and select the Idaho A.A. Meetings local A.A. contact nearest you. This may be an individual, a Idaho A.A. Meetings Central Office, Intergroup, an A.A. Area, Region, or District contact.  Some will offer a Hotline or Help Line telephone number that you can call.  Some of the A.A. Meeting contacts will  have -- a local telephone number, a toll-free number, a website, and/or an address where you can get specific and accurate information about the Idaho A.A. Meetings in your area of interest.

Alcoholics Anonymous is worldwide with A.A. meetings in most communities. You can find times and places of local A.A. meetings or events by contacting the A.A. Central OfficeIntergroup,, or A.A. Answering Service that is listed for the area nearest you..

If there is not a listing for a Idaho AA Meeting for your city (in the list below) -- Contact the local Idaho AA in the city that is nearest your city. They will help you locate a meeting that is nearest to your location.

Sometimes, new or small AA meetings, or newly moved meetings will not be listed in the directories yet -- or the information may have changed or it may be private, and not listed at all.

This is why it is important to contact one of the Alaska Central Offices, Intergroups, or Alano Clubs for the most recent information. The AA members in these offices will always have the most recent information and change notifications.

Spanish Speaking AA Meetings: Most of the Spanish Speaking AA Meetings will be designated as: Oficina Inegroupal and they will have additional literature in Spanish, and also be able to help you locate the Spanish Speaking AA Meetings

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Treasure Valley A.A. Central Office
1516 Vista Avenue
Boise ID Telephone: 208 344-6611
Alcoholics Anonymous, AA help, AA information, and AA meeting directories.

Central Office Of North Idaho
118 N 7th St. Suite B5
Coeur D'alene ID Telephone: 208 667-4633
Alcoholics Anonymous, AA help, AA information, and AA meeting directories.

No. Central Idaho 24 Hr. Answering Service
Lewinston ID Telephone: 208 882-1597
Alcoholics Anonymous, AA help, AA information, and AA meeting directories.

District 01 A.A. Answering Service
Pocatello, ID Telephone: (changed without notice)
Alcoholics Anonymous, AA help, AA information, and AA meeting directories.


A.A. Meeting information for A.A. Meetings in each State of the United States.

Why do we attend A.A. Meetings and Why is it important?

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